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Life is often filled with drama, struggles and conflict! These challenges can make or break you. Hence, Joshua Yen aims to use his experience to help you thrive.

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Having been a Prefect of Shaftesbury House in Harrow International School Hong Kong, Joshua Yen has extensive experience working with high school students of all ages, helping them thrive regardless of the challenges that they face.

During his high school days, he has seen and experienced many struggles that teenagers face, both from an academic and social standpoint. He has seen how these challenges can bring a student down and prevent them from achieving their full potential.

As a result, Joshua Yen is committed to helping his peers overcome such challenges to obtain their full potential. Teaching them to face challenges with determination and not to play the victim card. Instead, he promotes the embracement of responsibility and the development of a powerful mindset which would allow oneself to achieve their full potential.

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