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Philosophy and theology is something which can appear very esoteric and inaccessible. However, in an age of social media and mass information, critical thinking and philosophy is now more important than ever! Joshua Yen aims to provide accessible information in these fields to help you navigate the world in which we live!

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Let’s be real with ourselves, the world lacks critical thinking. Every where we turn on social media or on the news, we see people, especially the youth, influenced blindly by the next trend or a celebrity without thinking for themselves what is the right thing to do.

As a result, Joshua Yen aims to popularise and provide accessible philosophical content to a wider audience to promote critical thinking and personality identity in a world which works against such ideals.

While he mainly discusses philosophy on his platforms, he occasionally discusses theology which he believes to be just as important for understanding and solving the human condition and the problem of nihilism.

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Joshua Yen currently reads Philosophy and Theology at the University of Oxford. He is a published author in the field and currently is working on a few academic works which aim to be published in the near future.

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