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Christianity for All: First Edition

Christianity for All is Joshua Yen’s first published work and serves as a brief introduction to matters of the Christian faith. This book is accessible both as a paperback and on kindle depending on which one suits your preference.

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Do not miss out on the Second Edition of Christianity for All and a book on University Admissions to the US, UK, and more!

Catholicism: The Most EVIL Religion? (Response to @TreasureChrist ) Philosophy for All

Catholicism is a key Christian denomination and has held a significant role in the development of history. However, it has often come under scrutiny for its doctrine and potentially heretical dogmas. In this video, I analyse  @TreasureChrist video on Catholicism to see whether Catholicism is something we truly should be afraid of!Support the show————————– Where else to find Josh Yen: Philosophy YT: Website:
  1. Catholicism: The Most EVIL Religion? (Response to @TreasureChrist )
  2. Dostoevsky on Christ and Fiction
  3. Eternal Return and Amor Fati Nietzsche | Existential Talks Podcast #3
  4. Kierkegaard: The Concept of Angst | Existential Talks Podcast #2
  5. The Merit of Catholicism or Lack Thereof (w/ @BrandonDanilition )


“In a mere 159 pages, [Joshua’s Christianity for All] delivers a tour de force of Christian apologetics, tackling issues ranging from scientific evidence for the existence of a God to the eternal truth of Biblical morality, head on.”

Kristian O.

“Josh Yen is extremely dedicated, professional and patient when it comes to helping students with college advices… His college advices were honest and helpful as he has recently gone through the process of college application.”

Josh W.


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