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Christianity for All

Christianity for All is Joshua Yen’s first published work and serves as a brief introduction to matters of the Christian faith. If you are interested in cultural apologetics or to see how the Christian faith relates to the world we live in today, make sure you go check this book out!

The UCAS Bible: How to Secure Your Dream Offers

Are you consider applying to UCAS universities? The UCAS Bible is the first book in our College Application Series which aims to guide you through the university application process to the UK. If you are interested in this book, make sure to go check it out, PDF, Kindle, and Paperback versions are here so you can get the competitive edge over your peers in whatever way which works best!

US College Guide: How to Secure Your Dream US College Offers

Are you consider applying to US colleges? The US College Guide is the second book in our College Application Series which aims to guide you through the university application process to the US. This book contains the advice which have helped students get into all the best universities in the US like Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, UCLA, and more. Go check this book out to get a competitive edge over your peers!

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Check out my publications in journals and magazines:

Cantor’s Paradise: Infinity on Earth—Scientific Harrowvian Issue VI

Science, Cosmology and the Existence of God—Scientific Harrowvian Issue VI-I

The Psychology of Human Perfection—The Psych Perspective Issue I

The Problem of “Equality”—The Humanities Harrowvian Issue II

The Philosophical Groundings of Equality—The Humanities Harrowvian Issue I

Alienation and Affiliation: Two Sides of the Same Coin—XinSai Magazine Edition III

Is God Evil? Analysing the Sacrifice of Isaac Philosophy for All

The Akedah, the command by God to sacrifice Isaac. Is God good? Is God evil? How can we wrestle and understand this nigh impossible task? Central to the Torah in Genesis 22, is God's Elohim's command to Abraham to sacrifice Isaac as a test of Abraham's faith. Many thinkers have wrestled with this idea, ranging from Kant, to Kierkegaard, and to Joshua Yen himself.In this episode, me and Laurance analyse Genesis 22, what it means and how it is applicable to our understanding of God, faith, and morality. Support the show————————–If you would want to support the channel and what I am doing, please follow me on Patreon: Where else to find Josh Yen: Philosophy YT: Website:
  1. Is God Evil? Analysing the Sacrifice of Isaac
  2. Fisherman to Philosophy Professor:A Life in Academia (w/ Dr. J Aaron Simmons)
  3. The Soul Building Theodicy: Finding Value in Evil
  4. Alvin Plantinga and the Free Will Defence
  5. The Most Reluctant Convert: Who Was C.S. Lewis. (w/ Dr. Simon Horobin)


“In a mere 159 pages, [Joshua’s Christianity for All] delivers a tour de force of Christian apologetics, tackling issues ranging from scientific evidence for the existence of a God to the eternal truth of Biblical morality, head on.”

Kristian O.

“Josh Yen is extremely dedicated, professional and patient when it comes to helping students with college advices… His college advices were honest and helpful as he has recently gone through the process of college application.”

Josh W.


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