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Applying to universities is a complicated and crucial period which will determine a lot of your future options! Having gotten into both Oxbridge and Ivies, Joshua Yen shares his knowledge and expertise with you!

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As someone who recently went through the university application experience, Joshua Yen knows first hand how difficult and competitive this field is, let alone the extreme pressure and impact that any decision has on your life.

However, most university admissions services are over-priced and unaffordable for the majority of students looking to apply to their dream universities. This leaves a lot of students at a disadvantage in an extremely competitive field, having a negative impact on both their education and their futures.

As a result, Joshua Yen set up Logos Education to provide affordable university admissions courses to everyone who is willing to work hard for their dreams!

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Joshua Yen is an expert at helping students get into the top universities around the world, having himself gotten into top universities like Oxford, Columbia, UCL and more. To provide the best advice, Joshua Yen has built a formidable team of advisors who have gotten into the very best universities like Cambridge, Princeton, Harvard, and more to provide you with the very best advice!


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The UCAS Bible is your step-by-step guide through the UK university application process, get a copy today, available in e-book or in paperback!