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Joshua Yen is the Founder of Logos Education, runs three YouTube channels with a total following of 4,000+ subscribers, and runs a Top 20 podcast. He is currently an undergraduate at the University of Oxford, reading Philosophy and Theology. He is a published author of the book Christianity for All and regularly provides educational content on the topics of philosophy, theology, university applications, and more. In his free time, Joshua enjoys playing football, fishing, and supporting Chelsea FC.

Joshua’s commitment to providing educational content stems from two goals: to serve God and to serve the community.

Education in the 21st century promotes teenagers to specialise into specific disciplines, creating a desperate need for a holistic perspective. For this reason, I have made it my life’s goal to cater to the development of a holistic mindset, providing academic, educational, and spiritual insight across all my platforms..”

Joshua Yen


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Why Follow Josh Yen:

A lot of people like to create a false images about themselves, they will promote images of themselves, propagate fake news and information in order to make more sales or to build their own brand. Joshua, on the other hand, practices what he preaches, the person and advice that he provides has either helped him get to where he is or is being used by him at the present moment to get him to where he wants to be. He is also expertised in the areas which he contributes to, and sticks to what he knows best. He is the D student who got into Oxford and Columbia U, he reads philosophy and theology at the University of Oxford and runs a leading podcast in the field. All advice that is found on his various platforms comes directly from his genuine experience and knowledge of the fields.

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