What is Uni Consulting?

In this article, we dive into what college consulting is and the ways in which it can guide you in your application process.

University Consulting:

University consulting describes a large range services run to heighten the chances of getting a student into their dream universities. Oftentimes, these come in the form of essay reviews, 1-1 consulting sessions, or online courses. While this is not a general rule, most college consultants should have experience in getting into the top universities in the applicant’s desired countries and should have experience in working with students who have gotten into these top universities, this would allow them to provide the best guidance to help students both academically and personally, helping students face, both the academic pressures and the emotional stress which may come from applying to competitive universities. 

What happens during uni consulting:

The college application process is long and tedious, and as a result, a college consulting service should cover the entire process of applications. While a lot of parts of the application, be it UCAS or Common App, may be self-explanatory, and more attention is usually paid to the essays and the activities (if you are applying to the US), it is important that information is given about other procedures, as well as understanding what universities are looking for. Another important, and often overlooked, section is about application strategy. In each course at Logos, we have sections dedicated to understanding what universities to apply to, how many safeties, reaches and matches to apply, and more content relating to application strategy. This allows you to have the best understanding of the application process and not just how to write a good essay and other materials. 

How expensive is uni consulting:

The current market of college consulting is extremely expensive and can easily be unaffordable for students with low-income backgrounds. With average consulting fees costing anywhere from $5000-$20000 depending on geographical location, the price can sometimes make such services prohibitive. However, due to the highly competitive nature of college applications, such services are often required in order to ensure a competitive application. As a result, we, at Logos, have dedicated ourselves to providing high-quality and affordable services to allow anyone to get into their dream university. While we mainly provide courses that take you through the admissions process and how to write a highly competitive application, we understand that further consulting and guidance may be needed. Therefore, we also offer 1-1 consulting and essay reviews to provide more individualized support. 

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