Studying Philosophy and Theology as a Christian

There has always been an argument for why it is important to separate academics from your personal life. In this blog, I would like to use this opportunity to talk a bit about whether it is good or beneficial to study philosophy and theology as a Christian.

The Pros:

By studying Philosophy and Theology, one is able to learn more about what we believe in. The nuances of faith, the nature of the Bible, and the development of scriptures and tradition. By being provided by such an information, one is able to grow in appreciation of Biblical truths and also appreciate how Christianity has evolved into the form we found it today.

The Cons:

That being said, the case can be made that the academic is exposed to a lot of problems which the average Christian might not be. With academic disciplines examining everything critically and often deconstructing certain elements of faith beyond their contexts, one can make the suggestion that instead of enriching religion, Philosophy and Theology debases what is a personal relationship with God to something which is bounded within analysis and debate.

For the full discussion on this question:

I recently made a video with a dear friend Amos (a theist) to discuss how studying Philosophy and Theology has impacted our lives.

Check here for how studying PhilThe is for a Christian:

Check here for the full interview with Amos:

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