Top 5 AI Hacks to Use in High School (ChatGPT)


Artificial intelligence has changed the world of education forever. While many students attempt to use ChatGPT to cheat the system, here are 5 ways to use AI for your classwork which do not account as cheating and are totally legitimate ways to increase your learning experience. This is the transcript from my recent video on ChatGPT on my YouTube channel, so if you want to watch this video instead of reading it, you can find it here:

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Method #1:

The first thing you can do is to use AI to summarise notes, you know, you know the feeling after you listen to a long lecture, or you read a book and you’ve written some notes about it, but you really just don’t really understand what’s going on? Well, the first thing you can do is to get its audit to AI and ask AI to summarise it and cut it down to three bullet points. So an example of this would be this is the notes of a book that I’ve read Demons by Dostoevsky. So if I was going to try to summarise this note, it’s quite convoluted, and it’s quite difficult to understand. I’ll copy it, go to catch up team. And then after that, I’ll go into here and say well summarise this paragraph into three bullet points. Doing so what you can then do is well copy your notes in and then wait for a response. So as you can see, even though this might seem to take a bit of time, it is really short and a very easy way to make your notes in order, especially if you’ve been going through a very long lecture. Or if you’re going through a very long class, you’ve written notes and all over the place, and you have like 50 Odd bullet points on your page, and you’re like, well, I need to kind of make that into a shorter wait. Well, this is something you can do to summarise your notes and your ideas with AI.

Method #2:

The second thing you can do is to use AI to tidy up a paragraph, maybe you’re writing a paragraph or an essay, and it’s really long and very convoluted and you want to simplify it. And you can go and chat GPT to ask it to summarise a paragraph and tidy it up. Now I want to make it very clear that this is not asking you to write an essay Nor should you just copy and paste that summary back onto an essay. Well, that’s all my work. Rather, you should find the ways and see how it has changed your work, see how developed your work. And then you could use that as inspiration to how you can then edit your work. Because I we all know that feeling of writing a massive paragraph, you don’t exactly know what needs to change, but you do know something needs to change. So by taking inspiration from what the AI seems to think is a problem, well, then you can develop your essay. Let me show you an example. This you can see is the draft one of one of my essays. For example, let me just pick one paragraph out of it. If I wanted to find a way to make this paragraph a bit better, what would I do? Well, I will copy it in and I will go into chat GPT and say well pie the up and make this more concise paragraph. Now of course when I’m reading this, I might not be too happy with a summary. For example, I think it does put too little emphasis on what are the problems I’ve illustrated with the first argument which was about the rights and how that relates with society. And the second problem is also what society is and it doesn’t illustrate that enough. But that being said, this paragraph which has been summarised, does allow you to figure out areas for example, the multiple rhetorical questions I’ve asked, well, maybe I could cut that down to one or perhaps in the second paragraph. I’m being too wordy with those descriptions, those developments. So by asking it to summarise it while you’re not necessarily copy and pasting the new paragraph back, what you can do is to figure out well, what are the areas which can be improved and needs to be improved. And that is definitely something that you can do to use AI to help you with tidying up the paragraphs that you’ve written, that is something you can definitely use chat GPT for now.

Method #3:

The third thing you can use cat GPT for is to learn complex ideas. For example, if I was going into philosophy, and I really didn’t know what utilitarianism was, well, you could go on catch up and say, summarise act utilitarianism in three points, and see what happens. As you can see here, I’ve gotten three points about what utilitarianism is. And if I was a complete novice into philosophy, having this understanding would deeply enrich my understanding of philosophy and give me a point or a leaping board in which I can use in order to get to where I need to be to further understand what utilitarianism is, for example, if you had a very long lecture, and the professor or your teacher was using certain terminology that you don’t know, well, you could put it into the open AI chat and just ask them well summarise this idea, maybe you’re doing math and say, Well summarise set theory in three points or maybe summarise a certain concept in it four or five points better how in depth you want to do, and well chat GPT would help you understand those concepts easier. This is not something to use to say well, okay, this is going to give me everything you need to know about the topic, but it will give you an insight into what it is. And this is especially useful if you’re not really required to know everything about this topic, but just need to have a brief understanding of it. Well, that is a very easy way and a very important way that you can use chat GPT to help you in your studies.

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Method #4:

Next thing you can do is to help your writer’s block and have to make this one gets borderline on the edge of is this good? Is this bad? Is this going a bit too far, but let’s assume that you are writing an essay about about whether natural moral law theory is a good moral law theory. And you’d really just don’t know what you can possibly write about. Perhaps one thing you could do as well give me the strengths and weaknesses of natural moral law. And once again, like my previous point, I am not telling you to just copy everything that is going on, I’m not telling you to say well, actually just just use that and make that your entire argument. But at least it gives you a place to clear your writer’s block, you’re completely lost. With what you’re doing. Well, this is a good place to start to say, well, actually, these are certain things that you can do. These are certain things that I can incorporate into my essay that I can use, and of course, with all essays in high school people like for and against. And that’s why having strengths and weaknesses will give you the idea of more ideas that you can wrestle against each other that pitted against each other, this would be a helpful way in which you can analyse or develop your essays. And that’s just something which is very helpful for a high school student. And if you turn into this paragraph, you can see there’s coming out responses, there are some strengths and weaknesses, that you definitely can use those three strengths, three weaknesses, and then that will give you a starting point. And maybe you could analyse it further and develop it further in the future. But these are, are this is a very, very good place to start.

Method #5:

Now, the final thing you can use chat GPT for really is to summarise your readings, especially your articles on JSTOR, maybe you have to read a certain set of texts, well, what you can do is to just copy and paste that set of texts in to into chat GPT and tell that to summarise the text so that you can understand it more. Now, of course, there are different types of texts that you should do it for text, which you shouldn’t do it for. For example, if you’re set a set text, that means maybe if you’re writing or studying utilitarianism, you have to read Utilitarianism as a set text. And there might be suggested readings below that you will not tell chat GPT to summarise Utilitarianism, because of course, there’s gonna be nuance within the structure nuance within the text, which you want to pick apart in your actual essays in your analysis. And as a result, you don’t want to chat GPT to summarise those. However, if they’ve given you 20, or 30 Odd articles that you can potentially read about cat GPT. To understand it more. Well, one thing you could do is then copy and summarise that on track GPT because at the end of the day, you’re not reading those articles to understand every single thing you need to know, you just need a brief understanding of how it works. And to illustrate how you can do this is very similar to how you summarise your notes. And let me take up the recent essay I’ve written on on a Mill’s utilitarianism, I’ll copy the entire essay. And then perhaps you need to understand how it works. So I’ll copy it. And then you go to your chat GPT. And then you just say summarise this essay into five bullet points. And of course, this will depend on how in depth you want to go into it. However, this is a very, very good place to start. And you can see that immediately it is summarising my arguments into very clear bullet points about the different arguments that has been presented. Now the problem is, is that this presentation isn’t exactly the best, I wouldn’t say that summarises everything I had in my essay, of course, you don’t need to read through the essay. But I can tell you as someone who’s actually written the essay, that that’s perhaps not the best five points. So something you can do, and this is a secret hack that you can do is actually to help tell chat GPT to do it again. So you say summarise the essay into five points, and then tell them to do the exact same thing. Now what it is going to do is that it is actually going to give you a different summary of the the essay. And that different summary is going to focus on different things. Now the reason why I’m saying is that this actually quite good, because it shows you different things is that as you can see how it’s doing it right now, that summary is going to give you a different perspective of the same essay. And by having maybe doing this three times in a row, you’ll get multiple different perspectives of the same essay with minimal work. And then you’re going to understand a larger amount of things that is being taught in the essay. So you could definitely do that to summarise your reading and get a better understanding of your reading.

So those are the five ways that you can use chat GPT to make the most of your high school experience and learn more. I want to make it very clear that I’m not telling you to copy things on chat GPT. But rather it is to use chat GPT as a tool to understand more and develop your learning because all smart people were using tools, be it I’m using my phone, Google is a tool to me, my microphone is a tool to me, my computer is a tool to me. And in the same way chat. GPT is a tool to me. So I’m using it as a tool, not as something to replace myself and replace my voice. And that’s a very important distinction to take in all of these five notes. I’m not telling you to copy cat GPT I’m just saying use it as a tool to inspire you and help you develop your own thoughts and your own ideas. And that is how you use chat GPT to help your understanding On your academics, let me know your thoughts in the comments below about how you have used chat GPT to enrich your high school experience and ways that you have used chat GPT to develop your understanding of search and ideas I’ll happily see your thoughts and ideas here. If you want to learn more ways about how you can use chat GPT in your high school life then let me know in the comments below, like and subscribe if you found this video helpful means a lot to me, and it helps the channel grow stay safe our friends, see you soon. Thanks for watching and goodbye. I’ll see you next one.

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