Rich Dad Poor Dad—Robert Kiyosaki: Review


In today’s post, I talk about five reasons for why you should read Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad which has been widely considered as one of the leading books in the field of financial literacy. Let’s check these reasons out. For the full analysis, go check it out on my YouTube channel, the link can be found here.

Reason 1: Offers a new perspective

One reason why you should always try to read new books is that it offers you a new perspective of the world. When growing up, you’re always taught a certain background and framework. Part of maturing and growing up is recognising the variety of frameworks and understanding the other’s perspectives. 

This is something that Rich Dad Poor Dad encapsulates in its very title. By labelling it “Rich Dad” and “Poor Dad”, the book represents two different perspectives about how one should approach money. You may feel like you are more similar to the Rich Dad, or perhaps that you are more similar to the Poor Dad. Perhaps you don’t have any problems with the Poor Dad, that’s for you to decide. However, both these perspectives give you a vital insight into how you can further your understanding of money. 

Reason 2: Challenges your mindset. 

This is one of the key takeaways of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book. In this book review series, I’m not going to talk about books and tell you the exact X, Y and Z you need to do to get to destination B from starting point A. What I am telling you is how it develops and demonstrates a mindset of how someone can go from A to B.

The reality is personal finance is only one aspect of self-help and personal development. If you don’t have strong interpersonal skills, if you don’t have a good mindset, all of this is completely useless. Therefore, one of the main values that I find in the book Rich Dad Poor Dad is that it gives you a different mindset of how you should approach money. 

Reason 3: Emphasis on Humility and Learning.

Reading is always about learning, and one thing I really appreciate about this book is it shows how someone like Robert Kiyosaki is able to be willing to take courses online and learn from others.  The reality is that a lot of times when you’re not going somewhere in life, it’s because you don’t know the right way to go forward. It’s very easy to say ‘well, I’m not doing well. It has to be because this person hates me, it has to be because of that company, that structure is the problem.’ The reality is, a lot of times you need to take responsibility and recognise you don’t know what you are doing and that you need to learn from other people. 

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Reason 4: Easily Accessible.

When it comes to reading a book, especially one about the topic of financial literacy, it is very easy to be intimidated away from reading the book. One of the great things about Rich Dad Poor Dad is its ability to present ideas in easily accessible ways.

A lot of times, Robert starts his stories with personal anecdotes with his “poor dad” and “rich dad” which help you understand what he is trying to present, giving you no reason for why you should not get started in reading this book. 

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Reason 5: Critical Thinking

The final reason for why you should read Rich Dad Poor Dad is that it promotes critical thinking. In today’s world, there are a lot of gurus and false teachers promoting certain ideas and suggestions with what you should buy and what you should do with your money. However, the reality is that we need to be very careful and wise with our money and as a result critical thinking is a very important skill to develop. In this way, I think getting started with a book like Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great start into this field! 


Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book I will highly recommend you to check out. If you want more of these book reviews, make sure you go subscribe to this blog and my YouTube channel for all the latest updates, and also, if you would like to go get a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad for yourself, make sure to go check it out on Amazon here.

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