Be as Inevitable as Olivier Giroud

Al Bayt stadium for England v. France.

As England get knocked out of the World Cup, one man stands out in the match. While Mbappe’s flare was entertaining, no one could match the inevitable nature of Giroud who seems to score when called upon the most! From the four goals in Seville or in the most recent match, his winner goal helped them qualify to the Semi-Finals!

When pondering upon this strange occurrence, i would like to spend some time to talk about how we can learn from Giroud.

1. Being Flashy isn’t Everything

While there is nothing wrong about being flashy, we must remember that being flashy isn’t the be all and end all in life! This match was built up to be Walker v. Mbappe, less people talked about the threat of Giroud. But that didn’t stop Giroud to score his header.

Likewise, it is easy for us to chase the trends and the hype and forget the potential and importance of hard work and humility. Sometimes we can see our peers presenting fascinating lives on instagram or they seem to be flying in work or in school! Good for them! But that doesn’t mean you are put at an instant disadvantage! You dont need to be the flashy kid to be the successful one!

There are many successful people who do not show off their wealth or success! In fact, from my experience, some of the show offs rarely have anything to them! They delude themselves with images of grandeur that they have created of themselves when instead others who are way more successful like to hide in the shadows.

2. Be good at what you do!

This seems very self-explanatory, but it is really something which is often overlooked! When we talk about football, people like to think of pace and skill as the main watch words for attackers, those are important, but what about Giroud?

The guy is slow, not the most agile, but what he specialises in, he does very, very well! How many goals have he scored from headers at the near post? How many wonderful finishes?

He is there because he does the basics well and does it at a very high level. Likewise, if you do your job very well, even if it is under appreciated by the world, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t succeed, you still have a great chance at success!

3. Don’t give up

What I love most about Giroud is his determination. Wherever he went, he was never the star man, either at Arsenal or Chelsea, he was not the first name on the team sheet and had spells in and out of the team. However, he kept his head down and worked, and always provided when called upon!

This is something we need to remember! Don’t kick up a fuss about everything! Even if the world seems to be against you, sometimes the best thing to do is take upon more responsibility and work even harder! If you prove to be reliable and resilient, it would lead to success in the long term!

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