Dedication to Master an Art

Walking around Lusail Stadium before the World Cup Final between Argentina and France, I was thinking about the preparation and dedication that each of these players spent mastering their skills.

The match of a life time:

If you talk to football players, they would normally talk about dreaming of playing a Champions League Final or a World Cup Final. These only come once in a life, a lifetime of preparation, dreaming, hard work boils down to 90 minutes on a football pitch.

Outside Lusail QNB

Life is the same:

We all have dreams and aspirations! We spend days, months, and years working towards achieving these goals, however, even when the opportunity arises, it is not always possible to succeed.

The mental fortitude to keep your head held high.

You spend all this time, commit all the effort to success, and maybe at the end of the 90 minutes you fail. You dont reach your goal, or maybe you do!

In both situations, you need to ask yourself whether you would have the mental strength to pick yourself up? Would you have the strength to aim for more and keep fighting and writing your story in history?

The importance of hard work:

Either way, the players have sacrificed their entire lives to get to this stage. Likewise, when we have a goal, we need to recognise that we must bear our cross and give it our all for a chance at achieving our dreams.

The world likes preaching a message of entitlement, that we deserve everything and that everything could be handed us to on a plate.

The reality is completely opposite!

Work hard! Seize the day!

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