Nietzsche’s Views on Christ

Nietzsche can be widely considered as one of the most polemical thinkers of the 19th century. Not only did he challenge many of the contemporary thinkers of the time, he also wrestled with the existential question of the “death of God” and also “who was Christ”.

In order to develop this idea and break through common misconceptions of Nietzsche’s thoughts on Christ, I have recently made a philosophy lecture covering a few aspects of his thoughts.

Firstly, I discuss the importance of studying Nietzsche’s thoughts on Christ and how it can illuminate a Christians own path and struggle with God.

Secondly, I discuss what Nietzsche’s influences are and how these could allow us to further grasp what he means by the “one true Christian”.

Thirdly, I analyse what Nietzsche’s Christ was, his attributes, and what he found admirable with Jesus.

Fourthly, I cover two criticisms of modern interpretations of Christ found in the scriptures.

Finally, I analyse how we can return to true Christianity according to Nietzsche’s suggestions and advice.

If you would like to learn more about Nietzsche’s Christ, feel free to check out the video that I made here:

If you would like to read some books which would help you understand more about Nietzsche’s Christ, you can purchase them here:

The AntiChrist:

Beyond Good and Evil:

Nietzsche (Walter Kaufmann):

The Idiot:

Don Quixote:

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  1. Hello Josh. I was wondering if you are familiar with Rene Girard and his anthropological insights. For me he is a very interesting author. I would like to know your opinion about him. Greetings

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