The Five Biggest Lessons from the Andrew Tate Phenomena


In a recent video, I reflect upon the last six-twelve months of the Andrew Tate phenomena and analyse what are some lessons we can learn from him. This is not a video praising anything he says or insulting anything he says, rather I believe it is important to have the perspicacity and wisdom to learn from people around you.

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The Andrew Tate Phenomena


Today, we’re talking about how the Andrew Tate phenomena has changed my life.


Now I want to make it very clear before this video starts and all of you leftist, you’re trying to cancel me or try to get me kicked out of my university listen to this very carefully. I am not saying that I support everything Andrew Tate says because I know anything related to this guy could get anyone kicked out to their job or the university or anything like that. But today, I want to make it very clear. And I think that the Andrew Tate phenomena makes it very clear that there is a lot, a lot a lot to learn both in the positive and in the negative way from Andrew Tate which could have great significance or benefit in your lives in a daily basis to make you the best version of yourself, which at the end of the day, above all types of propaganda, politics, your own political views, and all sorts of things is the most important thing in life.

First Lesson:

So the first thing that I want to talk about, and this ties directly in to what I was just saying about cancellations and all these things, is that you should be able to learn from everybody. And what I mean by learning from everybody is that regardless of your feelings about the person, whether you like them, whether you hate them, whether you think they’re good, where you think they’re bad, whatever you think of that, you should be able to have the humility to learn from someone who is better than you, or learn from their mistakes and their strengths. Because everyone in this world has strengths and weaknesses, if you’re able to learn from everyone, and this is something I picked up greatly in high school was that a lot of people around my high school had really poor tastes, or they really disliked me for for the lies and stuff that other people spread about me. And while I could have just said, Well, I hate all of you people, you guys are idiots, which they probably were for following those lies. It didn’t stop me from seeing what actually that guy does this pretty well. Okay, I’m going to learn from him in that area. Okay, this guy actually is quite good at doing computer studies. So I’ll learn a bit from him over there. So as you can see, what I’m trying to say is that even if you look at Andrew Tate, you could be a leftist and you’re weak and you’re overweight or whatnot. I don’t know what you’re right. I don’t know where you are, who you are. But if you are in that position, and you look at someone like Andrew Tate , and you’re like, alright, the guy has a good body, I might hate everything he says, that’s completely fine. We have a freedom of speech, and a freedom of believing in what we want to believe in, you could still learn from the guy and say, well, that guy’s going to the gym, he lives a disciplined life, perhaps I can influence that and put that into my life. And regardless of what your thoughts are about other people, you should be able to learn from them and use their knowledge and use your expertise were there better than you to influence your life and that is about humility in this world is that you recognise that other people are better than you and you learn from them doesn’t really matter who it is. Just make sure you are constantly learning and constantly working to improve yourself.

Second Point:

And this ties into the second point, which is always striving for improvement. If you look at someone like that, and you look at a lot of successful people in their lives, they’re always striving for improvement, they don’t care about where they are right now. They’re always like, I want to be better, I want to improve myself, I want to become a more dangerous man than I was yesterday, I want to become a more capable man than I was yesterday. And that is something which I felt greatly a motivational boost from figures like David Goggins and other people, and Andrew Tate and stuff like that, it’s like, they get to a certain level in life, where most people would say, just give me $400 million, and I’ll be happy or giving you a billion dollars, and I’ll be happy or give me a six pack abs, and I’ll be happy with my life, the reality is they get there. And their mindset is I’m beast, your mindset makes who you are, as a person, if you get your mind in the right place, you will go so far, so much further in life, and you’ll constantly push yourself to improvement every single day, if you’re better than the person yesterday, and you move that exponentially every single day, every moment, every hour, you’re improving yourself, well figure out how far you’re going to go how far you’re going to get. And that is something that I want you to pay attention to, is that if you’re constantly striving for improvement, and you’re giving yourself and making sure that you’re a very disciplined person, then well, you would be able to achieve things that you’d never have thought was possible. And that’s, I think, ties on to the third point from Andrew Tate, which was you could understand how much you could achieve. And I think it was a interview with Adin Ross, on one day where he said, Well, alright, if I if I started off where you were ageing, you would have gotten way, way, way further into the future, you would be way, way, way more successful than you actually are right now. And the reality is, is this Andrew Tate guy he grew up with nothing like you could find videos on online, whether you love or hate the guy, and the guy was bloody on the streets and and Well, where am I right now? Well, I’m at university you got I mean, there’s a massive difference between financial, social, academic educational impact, there’s such a big difference between where the guy started off, and where and where I started off, or where we start off, and I’m sure I don’t want to assume anything about your backgrounds of the people watching this video. But I’m sure you guys most of you, I’d say for probably 90% of you. You started off better in a better position than were Andrew Tate was where he started off. He was growing up with the occult philosophy. So whatever it was right, I think we could all see that most of us starts off at a better position than that. And if he could do it, then well, and well of course, this is a very, very difficult pattern. Not everyone’s going tosucceed, while surely the chances of what you could dream to be possible would grow, your horizons would grow. And that is something which I think is very true for humans. And this was a it was a wonderful quote I heard on the Chris Willick show, which essentially said something along the sides, it’s not verbatim, it says, You give a man a dream, and have an ability to achieve it, and he will crawl over broken glass to achieve it. And that I think is so true. It’s like, not only did that open up my mind to what was possible, it also opened up my mind to seeing what you can actually do it, or you put those together, then you get an extremely driven person. And I don’t want to sound arrogant or anything, I’m not going to say I’m a mindset monster, there’s a lot of things that I can still do more to improve. And I tried to do that every single day of my life. And I hope that this video or watching energy, or watching whatever is your motivation, I understand that’s very important. Hopefully, that will do the same for you. However, if you constantly strive for improvement, and we constantly strive and look at what was possible, what has been accomplished in the past and say, Well, I want to do that there is no excuses, I will take total accountability for myself, take total responsibility for myself and say, Well, regardless of what on earth is going around me, I’m responsible for my life, and I ‘m going to continue creating my value and improving myself, well, that is going to get you very, very far in life. And I think that there’s also something that you can do.

Fourth Lesson:

The fourth thing I learned, and I think it’s very, very wise thing, and I suppose this goes for the men more than the woman out there. But I think it really is it that you should respect yourself, especially around woman. And what I mean by that is a lot of people are very desperate. And this is a and this is I suppose a bit personal thing or from my side. And it’s a bit of a personal story. But But essentially, I think if you’re going through a tough time, it’s very, especially if you really love this girl, and, and you and this girl really meant a lot to you. And I know all you guys watching out there, you’ve probably experienced that as well, you’re in a wonderful relationship with someone you really trusted them really believed in them. And then and then for some reason, it just ends and it could end over a long period of time, and you’re looking at it slowly going to hell, and the relationships that really falls apart. And and there’s other times where the relationship which was, which was very good the entire time just collapses in a moment. And, and that’s and and it’s gone and you really love the girl, you really loved the relationship. And in those situations, I’m sorry, I’m not being very articulate, because it is something very close to my heart. And I want to share it with you because this channel is all about me. Trying to help you accomplish the best you can in High School of Life, hopefully help you and guide and give you some advice, I suppose from my from my hearts. And as a result. This is quite a big topic or quite a tough topic for me to talk about this because it didn’t happen too long ago, actually, I would say but but you know, a lot of times it’s very easy when those things happen to try to run after them and chase them and try to and it goes on to say oh, why aren’t you fighting for the relationship? No, that that’s a mentality which is absolutely toxic. And and that’s a form of them gaslighting, the reality is you have to have self respect and see if you’re going to break up with me no matter how much they meant to you just say, no. You could do what you want. I am going to say this is my boundary, I’m not running off for you. If you come back, yes, but I’m not going to go off for you, no matter how good the person is. Your your dignity, your self respect as a man is definitely not worth losing. And, and that is something which I think I could have done better when when my girlfriend broke up with me over over Christmas, I think I could have done better in that I should have just said no, cut contacts and just say, Alright, you’ve chosen to break up with me. That’s it, you go over there, I think I would have saved a lot of angst on my side, save a lot of respect, self respect. On my side, I think that I would have been way better my site. However, of course, I back then I was a bit more this was good friend of mine, I trusted this person, I really cared about this person. And as a result, emotions easily get in the way. But sometimes, and this is why I think you always had to follow back to these rules follow on these rules and say, Well, alright, I always set this boundary. So no matter what, how I feel, no matter how horrible I feel, no matter how much I cared about this girl, have your self respect and just draw the line there, they break up with you. Alright, and you could cry about it right? You could be sad about it all you want. And that’s, and that’s definitely part of reality. And that is part of what we all as men experienced. I’m sure you guys out there have experienced that before. However, it’s something that you kind of just take on the chin, keep your head up and you carry on, carry on going to the gym, carry on doing what you need to do carry on doing your duty, and being a man in this world, no matter how sad it is, have that self respect, and that I say is something I learned greatly from Andrew Tate. I think if I would say that that was one of the advices that I think wasn’t even as a teacher gave I think was just in TV gave it that, um, I think I probably should have taken better. And it’s something that I would highly recommend you to do the same and I think the mentality that after I look back in retrospect that I think I’ve developed over the last two months of my life. It’s been an overall positive impact. I mean, it’s been a tough two months.

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Final point:

The last thing that I learned from the entire agitate phenomena is understanding the weight of God’s calling in the Bible, there is a clear, clear idea, a clear calling called Be holy, for I am holy. And a lot of people look at that. And they’re like, well, that is impossible that is simply unattainable. That is unachievable. And that might be true. But Nietzsche came up with a very wonderful quote. And it was says, I know of no better life purpose, than perishing in attempt to achieve the great and impossible. I’ll say it again. And this is not verbatim, but it’s very close to it. It says I know of no better life purpose than perishing in the attempt to achieve the great and impossible. And I think that’s something which I think that the tape brothers encapsulate quite greatly. And also, I think we should encapsulate that as well. And and what I mean by encapsulating that idea is that well, no one would have thought and this goes back to a previous thought no one would have thought that those two homeless people wouldn’t be able to get to where they are now. And a lot of sense, no one would expect you where you are right now to achieve your full potential, or at least get close to that for that potential. But who gave you that potential? Who gave you that ability in this role, Who allowed you to live in this world who gave you this life? It’s God. And as a result, if you’re living everyday to please God, we’re doing every single thing to say, Well, Lord, I’m going to submit my life to you. And I’m going to work every single day as if it is my last so that you can be proud of the life that I live the discipline that I instil in myself, well, then you are going to make sure that you’re making the most of every single day. Nietzsche, the Greek philosopher had this wonderful quote, or this one idea called the eternal return. And this was idea that if you had to live your day or your life again and again and again for eternity, will you be proud of it? Will you be happy with it? Well, perhaps, I think if you take it further and put it even more significant, if you had to rewatch your life, with God in heaven, on a third person perspective, would you be proud of that life you lived? And for many of you, I’m pretty sure you could say no, I’m not gonna be proud of the life and so far from where I want to be. And it’s not only that you’re so far from where you want to be, but you’re not even putting enough effort to pay tribute, or give thanks to the life that you’ve been given. You’ve been given the life you’ve been given. You’ve been given a date to live, you could have died yesterday, someone you love could have died yesterday, something horrible could have happened to you yesterday, but you’re still where you are right now. You’re breathing, you’re living you can do things. You could meet people you can love you can you can be sad, you could be heartbroken all these things, right? You have a life right now. Are you making the most of it? Can you have a look at your life seriously and say that life is a life well lived, and I’ve justified every single day of my existence. Can you do that? And that’s an open question that I want to end off this video with. That’s the question I wanted to end off this video with. I hope you found this video helpful.

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