Why I am Concerned About America?

Recently, I published a YouTube video on why I am so concerned about America as a society. Here is a brief summary of my thoughts and, of course, if you want the full breakdown, go check out my YouTube Video:

The full breakdown

Reason 1: Joe Biden

The first reason why I’m very concerned for America is Joe Biden—more specifically how he undercutted the Supreme Court with recent comments. Recently, the Supreme Court has made a few landmark decisions about affirmative action about LGBTQ rights and Joe Biden has since condemned the Supreme Court calling it ‘not normal’. The reason why this is problematic is not because he is not allowed to hold opinions. Everyone has a right and is entitled to their own opinion. But, in no situation, can the president of the United States undermine his own legal situation. Imagine if Pope Francis ex cathedra pronounces a heresy. Even if he believes in something slightly heretical, he definitely should not say it out loud due to the responsibility he has to his position. The same reasoning applies to Biden and his statements about his own legal system.

Reason 2: Polarisation

Now, the second reason why I am concerned about American society is its polarisation—people are torn apart. There is a difference between having different opinions, debating them with your friends and losing the ability to think rationally and descending into insults. What’s that going to do to your society moving forward? If you can’t have progressive dialogue, how will society move forward? Have you ever realised when you’re going through your Instagram reels that the only people you see are not moderate people but rather extreme leftists or right wing people? You don’t have many popular moderate people these days. Jordan Peterson, is perhaps the closest person who comes to mind and that could be seen as a stretch. So we must watch out! 

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Reason 3: Free speech

What disappoints me most about America is Free Speech. To many people around the world, America has been a symbol of freedom and liberty. People look to America to protect, or at least advocate for, their freedom. But what has America become, they’re no longer a bastion of freedom. You can no longer speak freely. Things like cancel culture, banning, de-platforming and shadow banning are preventing free speech and hindering critical thinking. If even the Statue of Liberty has, symbolically fallen, I am truly concerned about where we would be going forward!


A lot will have to change for America to get back on track, and the first steps towards that positive change is by individuals, like ourselves, doing the right thing and making a positive impact on the world around us! Do make sure to check out our YouTube video and sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with everything that goes on in our channel!

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