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A Book in the Making!

University admissions are tough! The UCAS process is long, unforgiving, and oftentimes confusing! I was there myself two years ago! If you are in that position yourself or are worrying about the UCAS application of your child, do not worry! A book is on the way to help you out!

The Project:

Recently, I started building my first company Logos Education which aims to provide high-quality, and affordable college admissions advice to all. However, while thinking about different ways which I can further this mission, I have decided to start writing books on this topic as well, to bring you through the college admissions process step by step and get you into your dream universities.

18,000 words in 5 days! The project is coming to life!

The Book:

As a result, at the start of Christmas, I gave myself a goal to at least finish the first drafts of a UCAS admissions book, and if lucky, finish the first draft of a US admissions guide as well! Hopefully providing solid information to anyone looking at university admissions in the years ahead, making the journey more enjoyable, and most importantly, more fruitful and successful.

Coming Soon

Don’t miss out on release dates and discounts!

The One Essay Five Offers Method:

This book surrounds what I call the One Essay Five Offers Method, which is, in other words, how you get all five of your dream offers from your UCAS applications! But not only is it good in getting you into the top universities (this is how Warren and I got into the best universities in UK like Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE, St. Andrews and more), it also prevents you from trying to fake it, or do extra things for university which aren’t true to your identity.

This book aims to help you get into your dream university while sticking true to your identity and who you are!

What you need to do next!

First things first, subscribe to my blog so you are up to date with any new information and guides surrounding university admissions! It would also give you exclusive discounts to the courses and services I provide at Logos Education! Secondly, let your friends and family know about this upcoming work which will help them get into their dream universities!

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